CoQ10 – 100 Mg




CoQ10 (100 mg)

CoQ10 is probably the best antioxidant for the entire cardiovascular system. It help controls angina and irregular heartbeats. CoQ10 prevents plaque building in the blood vessel and keeps blood vessels walls safer from high and lower blood pressure and helps blood pressure to stay normal. Halal CoQ10 plays a very important role in energy production and prevents premature aging so skin doesn’t get wrinkles. It also supports heart health, brain, lung muscles, immune system and complete body circulation.

As per Dr. Crandall Cardiologist from Palm Beach Hospital, Every human has CoQ10 in mitochondria of the heart cells. Each heart cell contains 50,000 mitochondria with age it goes down. At the age of 40 years it goes down to as low as 30% which causes high blood pressure, heart attack.
Recommended Intake

1-2 Veggie Capsules a day preferably with meal as a dietary supplement.

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